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Performance Power Racing Badd GT Accomplishments

• “Winner” Mile Marker one “2009”

• “Winner” Top Gun Run “2010”

• First car to break 250mph barrier in the standing mile. March 14 2010 (top gun run)

• First car to break 275mph barrier in the standing mile. October 16 2012 (NASA Shuttle Landing Facility Runway)

• Official Guinness World Record 283.232mph October 16 2012

• Official IMRA World Record 283.232mph in street car class October 16 2012

• 2009-2012 numerous “best of show” Car show wins

• Numerous Suspension, Engine, Aerodynamic & Safety testing sessions at NASA

• Secured NASA Space-Act Agreement

• Exclusive Pratt & Whitney Contract for Pandalloy



Performance Power Racing c5 z06 Corvette Accomplishments

• First Corvette to break the 250mph barrier in the standing mile

• IMRA World Record holder for Corvette “street legal” class @ 252.044mph in the standing mile.